Breaking News: St. Pauls Montvale update

By | August 16, 2022
Debbie Piatt

Sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that the court hearing on criminal charges involving Jeff Piatt and other former St. Paul’s Montvale members has been continued until September 28. The charges filed allegedly include defiant trespass.

Anglican Watch believes that the news may indicate that the defendants are planning to file pleadings in the matter. However, as Jeff Piatt himself indicated in his email to diocesan clergy, the defendants did actually enter the property. And his signage about “Let Us In,” shows that he had actual notice that he was barred from entering the property. Moreover, he indicates in his email that he is authorized to speak for all the protestors.

Relatedly, Anglican Watch again extends an invitation to any current or former member of St. Paul’s with information to support the notion that members of Piatt’s family advanced funds to the church to send that information to us via our online form.

As things stand, we remain dubious that the various “reimbursement” checks signed by Beth Abrahamson are legitimate.

Similarly, we welcome any additional information regarding Montvale Landscaping’s Paycheck Protection Program loan.

Montvale Landscaping/Jeff Piatt

Jeff Piatt

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