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Additional allegations including wire fraud emerge in #justiceforgrant

Allegations of wire fraud involving Steve Berger

As part of our ongoing investigation into the corruption and events surrounding the death of Grant Solomon and the abuse of his sister Gracie, Anglican Watch has uncovered several additional matters of concern.

The first involves Amy Curlehead of guidance for Grace Christian Academy. 

In addition to her repeated violation of students’ legal rights by disclosing confidential matters about students to unauthorized third parties, we have received a complaint about Curle making defamatory remarks regarding Angie Solomon.

Specifically, a source within the school tells us that she has personally heard Curle saying that Angie is “crazy,” and speculating that Angie is on drugs.

Anglican Watch has informed Angie and her attorneys about the allegations.

The second issue involves Steve Berger, former senior pastor of Grace Chapel and current head of Ambassador Services International (ASI).

In recent videos, Berger shows huge pallets of humanitarian aid in the Middle East. He also claims that ASI has “rescued” 95 families from the region and is using the claims to raise money for ASI.

But Israeli military personnel tell Anglican Watch that Berger’s claims are impossible due to the situation on the ground, the lack of access to the Gaza Strip, and logistical challenges.

We find our source to be credible, particularly in light of ASI’s small budget, which at last report was less than $2 million a year.

Berger’s claims also seem improbable in that anyone with the documents and other resources needed to leave the area of conflict typically already has done so. And it’s unlikely that Berger is getting people American passports–the wait right now is six months or more in most cases.

So, we believe Berger is committing the federal offense of wire fraud by raising money across state lines based on fabrications. 

Nor would it be the first time the Bergerites have defrauded people who trust them. Recall: We earlier uncovered GCA’s criminal fraud involving the purchase of a school bus.

Anglican Watch has referred the matter to the appropriate law enforcement officials for investigation.

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