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Why does NBC5’s Phil Williams refuse to cover the Solomon case? Is it because he’s sleeping with Aaron Solomon?

Aaron Solomon looking for sex

Before we go further, we want to say three things:

  1. As long as it involves consenting adults, generally, we don’t care who sleeps with whom or what they do. Not our monkey, not our circus. (Although the notion of anyone willingly having sex with Aaron Solomon is enough to make us lose our lunch. And take a pass on dinner.)
  2. One exception to that policy is when sexnanigans interfere with justice, equal media coverage, or allow harm to children.
  3. The allegations below are just that, allegations, and not statements of fact. However, we have received the allegations from multiple credible sources and find them to be plausible. We welcome fact-based refutations. Further, we believe that the allegations fall under the exception above—sexnanigans may be aiding and abetting a known child sexual predator. But we are happy to be proven wrong.


Over the past several years, one Tennessee media voice has been pointedly silent on the issue of the murder of Grant Solomon and the sexual abuse of his sister, Gracie. The media voice in question is that of NBC5’s investigative reporter, Phil Williams.

Why does that matter?

It matters because Phil has positioned himself as Mister-speaking-truth-to-power in the mind of the public.

As a result, more than one person has told us, “Sorry, we don’t think anything untoward happened. After all, Phil Williams hasn’t touched the story.”

For the record, Phil and Aaron have known each other for years. That is a fact.

But sources tell Anglican Watch that there’s more to the story than that.

Specifically, Aaron and Phil have purportedly had an intimate relationship for years. That may explain why Phil has steadfastly refused to cover the Solomon case, including the fact that the state of Tennessee has determined that Aaron sexually abused his daughter.


Aaron Solomon — found to be a child sexual predator by Tennessee
Aaron Solomon — found to be a child sexual predator by Tennessee

In other words, Phil appears to be protecting a pedophile.

We have contacted Phil directly about these allegations. While we have not received a response, keep in mind that these are unverified allegations.

But what makes the situation plausible is the fact that Aaron purportedly has had a physical relationship with none other than Sam Johnson, the homophobic married man infamous for harassing a same-sex teenage couple.

As with Phil Williams, we have not been able to verify these claims independently. But knowing what we do of Johnson, they seem plausible.

So why is Phil Williams ignoring the murder of Grant Solomon and the rape of Grant’s sister, Gracie? Sources at the Phil’s station tell us that Phil has said that Angie, Grant and Gracie’s mother, is “crazy,” and tell us that he has discouraged his colleagues from covering the case.

If, indeed, Williams has a conflict of interest, there’s nothing that says he can’t hand the case to another journalist. If that is the case, then he needs to make it happen.

If there’s another reason, we want to hear that reason.

But covering up for pedophile Aaron Solomon is not acceptable.

Nor is it acceptable for Phil to try to stifle coverage. And if, as we believe is the case, Phil has tried to suppress coverage, now is the time to ‘fess up.

That is all we have to say on that topic for now, except that there is more to this story,

Stay tuned.


  1. ” As long as it involves consenting adults, generally, we don’t care who sleeps with whom or what they do. Not our monkey, not our circus. ”

    You say this, but sure love to throw around the “Adulteress” scarlet letter label a lot.

    1. Clergy, per the Episcopal canons — and rules of most denominations — take a vow to adhere to a higher standard. Regrettably, they often are held to a lower standard, or none at all.

      So we expect the denomination to honors its canons, and we expect clergy to adhere to their vows. And if you are thinking about our coverage of Anne Turner, we don’t expect her to lie to church members in order to take time off the hang with her paramour.

      If you are not clergy, and it doesn’t involve children or someone unable to consent, people are and should be free to make their own choices,

      Thanks for your comment.


    2. It’s simple. If the church didn’t want to follow the high standards of Title IV cannons then get rid of them. Stop using these supposed standards to signal to the world how much better your money-generating organization is. As long as they are there, it is reasonable to expect these standards to be followed – including the reconciliation and healing part.

  2. And look how he is attacking Millersville asst. police chief Shawn Taylor who is fighting to take down child predators and corruption. They are circling the wagons to protect one another. Pray this evil gets exposed, eliminated, and there is justice for this family.

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