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Why is Daniel McClain reportedly dating another woman while married?

Episcopal priest Daniel McClain

We’ve touched on this previously, but why on this green earth is Episcopal priest Daniel McClain allegedly dating another woman while still married? How is that helpful to his kids? Or set a healthy example for the church or community?

Our research suggests McClain was dating this woman even before agreeing to court-ordered conciliation with his current wife.

Assuming these dates are accurate, how is this not duplicitous? Isn’t that misleading the court? How does it respect his wife and children, or his marriage vows?

Moreover, we believe most, if not all, parishioners and many of Daniel McClain’s friends from academia know about his purported affair.

As we stated before in the McClain case, and in the case of Tom Simmons in Virginia, if a priest is married, he or she needs to honor those vows until their divorce is finalized.

Call us old-fashioned, but adultery is still adultery. And having an affair precludes what should be the priority, which is reconciliation and honoring existing marriage vows.

As for St. Paul’s members, those who ignore this situation should be ashamed of themselves.

There is no set of circumstances under which adultery is acceptable conduct, and it should be an absolute bar to being elected rector.

So, Anglican Watch reiterates our warning to prospective church members—St. Paul’s is a toxic church that should be avoided at all costs. And, per Joseph Dionsyiovich, the vestry unanimously supports McClain, so it logically follows that it supports his alleged adultery. Of course, if that is not the case, and the vestry wants to renounce this behavior, we will gladly publish that information.

As for existing parishioners, Anglican Watch calls on them to withhold all financial support for the parish until McClain:

  1. Ends his affair.
  2. Deals with integrity with his wife and children.
  3. Stops with the purported lies, manipulation, and intimidation directed at those he perceives as enemies.

As for anyone who ignores these requests, they can expect to be called out for it. It’s never right to support injustice, oppression, bullying, or adultery when you have the power to put your foot down and demand that it stop.

Again we ask: Since when was it okay for a priest to engage in adultery?

As always, these are all allegations, but we find our sources credible and have seen nothing, either from McClain’s flying monkeys or other sources, to suggest that they are inaccurate.

Finally, a word to McClain’s swarms of flying monkeys: do yourselves a favor and stop with the stupid lies. These include your claims that:

  • McClain was acquitted in a previous Title IV case.
  • Title IV requires an investigation any time a complaint was made.
  • You have personal knowledge that Kate McClain had a major mental health issue while in Ohio.

Not only is it inappropriate for Daniel McClain to discuss anyone’s mental health with you except for his own, it’s spectacularly inappropriate for him to discuss his family with you. And its even worse that you appear to think it’s okay for you to gossip about these fabrications.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic, we are still waiting for McClain to share his psych evaluation. Since he apparently thinks this is an appropriate topic for public discourse, we’d like to see the results of his psych evaluation. We strongly suspect there’s a reason McClain is playing games with producing that information in court. After all, it’s not like McClain is in a position to assert confidentiality.

The only point on which parishioners are proving persuasive is the notion that this a toxic parish with a broken ethical reference point and profoundly dysfunctional internal dynamics. 

Feel free to quote us.

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