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Weasel alert: Aaron Solomon posts on Grant’s birthday


You can’t make this stuff up.

Aaron Solomon, father of Grant Solomon and the only witness to Grant’s death, posted on social media for Grant’s birthday. Predictably, there is the usual hoo-ha about God, how Aaron loves his son, and more.

Just one problem: Grant didn’t love his father.

Why is that? Most people, and kids are no exception, welcome love.

According to Grant and everyone who knew him, the reason is simple: Aaron abused him, his sister Gracie, and his mother, Angie.

Moreover, Aaron doesn’t believe in God. On that, we don’t need sources—we can simply look at Aaron’s behavior, including his online efforts to hook-up using his daughter’s photo.

Aaron Solomon looking for sex
Aaron Solomon looking for sex

Then, we come to the painful reality of Aaron’s behavior on the day of Grant’s death. Not only is Aaron’s 911 call laughably unconvincing, but he didn’t even go to his son’s side.

Is that what a loving parent does?

As for Aaron’s claim that Grant’s truck dragged him to his death, it simply did not happen. No one gets dragged approximately 60 feet across a paved parking lot without a single scrape. And their personal effects are not found with them, but rather close to the point of initial impact.

So, in our characteristically feisty fashion, we’re calling BS on Aaron Solomon. His birthday post for Grant further dishonors Grant, and we can assure Aaron—where he’s headed in the hereafter won’t include Grant.

Indeed, whether you believe in a literal hell, one in which evildoers are isolated from the love of God, or some other definition, Aaron’s headed anywhere but heaven.

Welcome to hell, Aaron
Welcome to hell, Aaron


If nothing else, Grant has earned happiness. That cannot be found with a lying, abusive POS like Aaron running around.

Feel free to quote us.

And Aaron should know this: Sooner or later, his behavior will catch up to him.

We promise.

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