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Warning: Active pedophile, Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Warning — there’s am active pedophile at Grace Episcopal School and Church, Alexandria VA

It’s no secret we are not fans of Grace Episcopal Alexandria. Nor are we especially fond of Grace Episcopal School, one of the church’s ministries, which for several years was led by Chris Byrnes, a manipulative, dishonest &$$&^*% with control issues who caused a lot of conflict with school staff and the church. But of far greater importance is that there is an active pedophile at the church. He is believed to have access to all areas in the building, including the school, and has 24/7 access, as do most members.

Because this individual has not been convicted, we cannot name him. But he has a predilection for young girls, and he has children of his own. Thus, he has easy access to children.

Still worse, his employment may put him in homes alone with children.

Former rector Bob Malm, former assistant rector Leslie Steffenson, and a diocesan official are all aware of this situation. And while he attends irregularly, he is an active threat, and has assaulted an Anglican Watch staff member outside the school.

Malm’s solution? “Oh, I’m rude to him when he is here.”

Blimey, that makes me feel better, even without having any kids.

An active child molester, and that is the best the parish and the school can do? He should be barred from the property immediately. After all, Bob Malm has no problem shunning people who complain about him, so time for him to grow a pair and say no mas to the parish pedophile.

We cannot over-emphasize: Parents, beware. He has engaged in inappropriate behavior with multiple girls.

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