Church member publishes open letter on Bishop Marray case to diocese and Episcopal Church

Santosh Kumar Marray

Following is an open letter prepared by a member of the Diocese of Easton regarding the Bishop Santosh Marray Title IV clergy disciplinary complaints.

Anglican Watch unequivocally supports the complainants in this matter and calls on the national church to act with integrity in this matter.

Further, we remind corrupt bishop Todd Ousley and others involved in the Title IV case of their fiduciary obligation to the complainants.

As to Marray, we call on him to repent of his blasphemous claims to speak on behalf of the Holy Spirit and his evil conduct towards those who disagree with him. Nothing in his conduct reflects the Love of God, but instead harms the Body of Christ in ways that are both deep and lasting.

We urge resolution of this matter in a way that respects the dignity of every human being, versus protecting bishops and the hierarchy at the expense of the survival of the denomination.

Make no mistake: Young people can sniff out hypocrisy from a mile away. Any effort to sideline the complainants, brush off their complaints, or in the words of corrupt bishop Holly Hollerith, “not touch this with a 1000-foot pole,” will result in lasting harm to the church.

The time to end corruption and hypocrisy in the handling of clergy disciplinary complaints is now.


An Open Letter to the The Episcopal Church, The Diocese of Easton and the Profligate Bishop Marray:

There are numerous complaints of the abuse and misuse of power that we call bullying, which have been levied against Santosh Marray. It is sure that not everyone has the courage to speak up. There are various reasons, including intimidation, and the desire to avoid the stress and retaliation that may come with an investigation, which prevent people from filing formal complaints. Hence it is probable that for every complaint that is actually filed, that (conservatively) at least one more goes unreported. There are four Title IV complaints against Mr. Marray.

It is my understanding that The Episcopal Church stands for social justice. Furthermore, we have a mandate from Christ Our Lord, to love one another (John 13:34). In addition, our Christ told us “whatsoever you do to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40).

It is unacceptable for one who stands as the foremost member of the Body of Christ (by that I mean the most accountable and devoted servant to his brothers and sisters in The Faith) in the Easton Diocese, to publicly deride his brothers and sisters in Christ, and accuse them of blaspheming the Holy Ghost (an unforgivable sin) because they express dissent and concern at his abuses of power. In such a pronouncement, Mr. Marray, whom I refuse to call Bishop, equates himself with the Holy Spirit. So, I ask, who is the blasphemer?

As for the Diocese of Easton, its membership and those who share sentiments similar to Ms. Bohn, I encourage them to put themselves in the place of those who have had the courage to file complaints, and consider those who may feel so powerless that they cannot, or choose not to speak. I do not imagine that our Lord Jesus Christ would wish us to abuse others, or to ignore the plight of those who have been mistreated within the exercise of a bishop’s power relations.

As for The Episcopal Church. What was said above applies equally. However, your charge to be the Body of Christ and to lead The Church, satisfy the apostolic mission, and to be keepers of the flock requires you to put yourselves in the place of the very least of your membership, and clergy. The chain of command is not more important than doing what is right, and standing up for what is right. I implore you all, from Bishop Curry, and on down the chain of command, to put your actions in alignment with your professed values and address these Title IV complaints in a fair, honest and compassionate way. Give the lowly a voice and justice, as we are admonished to do in the Old Testament, The Psalter and throughout the New Testament.

Finally, Mr. Marray, look at yourself and stop running away. Pursue repentance and reconciliation for the sake of The Church.

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