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Losch indictment for child rape undescores apathy among Episcopal leaders

The recent news that alleged child rapist and Episcopal priest Richard Losch has been indicted for child sexual abuse raises a related issue. Specifically, numerous leaders in the Episcopal Church knew of the allegations yet did nothing. Those who ignored the problem, despite more than a dozen emails from the victim pleading for help: – Presiding Bishop Michael Read More

Anglican Watch answers the question: “where’s the prince?”

Sharp-eyed visitors who read yesterday’s updated “Top ten toxic terrors of TEC” quickly asked about a possible omission. And who is that illustrious candidate? None other than Prince Singh. For the record, his omission was deliberate. The reasons are complex and varied, but let’s plunge in and take a quick look at Planet Prince. One factor was that Read More

Family of Episcopal bishop Singh publicly allege domestic abuse, call for withholding funds until TEC takes action

Adult sons and ex-wife accuse Bishop Prince Singh of alcohol-fueled physical, verbal violence and call out Presiding Bishop Michael Curry for mishandling their disclosure. Six months after their initial disclosure to The Episcopal Church (TEC), the two adult sons and ex-wife of Provisional Bishop Prince Singh of the Dioceses of Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan have publicly accused Read More

Anglican Watch calls out PB Michael Curry and Todd Ousley, invites Singh brothers to share their stories

Earlier today, we responded to PB Michael Curry’s email to the sons of of Bishop Prince Singh, who allege their father abused them as children. We also invited Singh’s son’s to share their perspectives with us. We find it appalling that PB Michael Curry could claim he doesn’t have an easy solution to +Singh’s alleged alcoholism and abuse. Read More