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Time to boycott Montvale Landscaping, Sharpest Edge Landscaping and Beets Juice Bar

Jeff Piatt

Over the past year, Anglican Watch has covered the gross misconduct, lies, and questionable financial practices of the dissidents previously connected with St. Paul’s Episcopal in Montvale, NJ. Today, we publish an update and warning about the ringleaders of this circus of bad actors.

At the forefront of this ugly group are Jeff and Debbie Piatt. Our review of church financial records suggests they have an underlying ulterior motive for their behavior.

Specifically, it appears that, acting in collusion with Beth Abrahamson, bookkeeper for Montvale Landscaping, they used their roles in the church to launder money and engage in tax evasion. 

And while we do not have definitive proof, the various checks drawn on church accounts to allegedly “reimburse” family members for landscaping services are, at best questionable.

At a minimum, there are no circumstances in which Abrahamson should be cutting checks of this sort to family members and signing them.

Nor have we found documentation to suggest that these transactions are appropriate. No vestry authorizations. No statements. No receipts.

Then we come to the fact that members of this clique stole parish financial records shortly after previous rector Jill Williams joined the church.

That begs the question: Why would anyone do this? Not only is this sort of thing a big issue — ask Donald Trump — but it strongly suggests the dissidents are trying to cover their tracks.

Also in the mix are Beth Abrahamson’s fabrications, including that a church member who had just lost a family member did not want pastoral care. To be clear, this sort of lie evinces someone with an utter lack of scruples, and if there is a literal hell, you can be sure that there is a special place in it for people like her. 

And if that weren’t enough, we see myriad instances of defamation by the dissidents and attempts at tortious interference with pastor Jill Williams’ employment contract. Not to mention what may well be criminal harassment.

Recent developments

Recently, the ever-childish and hateful Debbie Piatt posted the following review on Facebook. Unfortunately, this post looks like a further attempt at tortious interference with William’s employment. Or maybe an unrequited crush. 

Debbie Piatt
Debbie Piatt

Moreover, we look with disfavor on Piatt’s invocation of deity. For the record, God has little patience with the sort of misconduct we have seen from Debbie and her husband. And the dissidents would be well-advised to ask an attorney the meaning of the phrase “tortious interference with employment.”

We also call BS on both Piatts. Jeff told parishioners he was leaving and would not come back until Williams left. Yet he reversed course shortly after, claiming he wanted to be let in. In other words, Jeff Piatt is a liar, pure and simple.

Jeff Piatt, like a vampire, wants in. But not long ago, he walked out.
Jeff Piatt, like a vampire, wants in. But not long ago, he walked out.

So, Anglican Watch has three recommendations:

  • The criminal trespassing charges against various dissidents, which have moved to a different local court due to a conflict of interest by the prosecutors, should be evaluated by the court in light of Piatt’s behavior. Thus, we believe a sentence of imprisonment is warranted.
  • Montvale residents should avoid doing business with Jeff Piatt, the other haters, and Piatt’s family members. The evidence suggests Piatt was using the church to slide money to his children, so rather than subsidizing hate or getting caught up in the toxic haze surrounding this bunch, we recommend avoiding all Piatt family-owned businesses. These businesses include Montvale’s Sharpest Edge Landscaping, Montvale Landscaping and Beets Juice Bar; the latter belongs to Piatt’s daughter, Jessica. And while we have seen no evidence to suggest wrongdoing on her part, we’re confident she did not personally fund the launch of her businesses. And we’re prepared to bet the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  • We encourage Williams to file suit against this bunch. While they may refer to Jill as a “storm” now, a few million in punitive damages and an IRS audit of the Piatts really would be a perfect storm. And since punitives are not covered by insurance, the notion of Williams as owner of Montvale Landscaping warms the cockles of our hearts. Even better if the Piatts and Abrahamson wind up facing criminal charges. And in case none of these ding-a-lings have figured it out, we’ll clue them in: Courts look with disfavor on people bullying clergy, who often work long hours for little pay.
Perfect Storm
A perfect storm — one of “epic proportion — may yet hit Jeff and Debbie Piatt

In short, it is axiomatic that we become like those we surround ourselves with. Given the bullying, lies, and possible criminal conduct, none of this bunch is someone with whom we would do business or hang out. That includes scumbag Mark Denbeaux, who is trashing his good reputation via his foolish and blind support for this bunch of fake Christians, dregs, and losers.

Feel free to quote us.

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