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The SBC Apocalypse Should be an Air Raid Siren for Episcopalians

Earlier today, the long-awaited report on sexual misconduct within the SBC was released, and it’s a bombshell. Persons of every ilk use words like “rage,” “fury,” “incandescent,” and “apocalypse” to describe their reaction to the report’s damning findings. Even so, one has a sense that people lack proper adjectives to fully describe their reaction to the revelations. Yet… Read More »

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Holds Convention, Approves $10 Million in Racial Reparations

During its 227th annual convention, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia approved a fund of $10 million in reparations for its role in slavery and institutional racism. But while the news is commendable, the convention overall was a mixed bag, marked by resolutions and canonical amendments of varying quality. Before we go further, it’s worth noting that one measure… Read More »

Environmental Alert: The Blue Book is Here!

The Blue Book, the three-volume mountain of paper that comes out in advance of every General Convention of the Episcopal Church, is here. And leaving aside the environment destruction it has wrought upon our forests, it’s a doozy, primarily for what it doesn’t say. Coming in at a whopping 1193 pages, the compendium has many sections that, despite… Read More »

Of Fried Chicken and Kindness to the Stranger Among Us

As I look with increasing dismay at the discord within American society, I am reminded of the times that people have shown extraordinary kindness to me. One case in particular comes to mind, and it allowed me to finish law school without dying of starvation. Before we go further, the reference to starvation is not hyperbole. Due to… Read More »

Arrogance Personified: Episcopal Parishes Ignore Parishioners During Pandemic

In the course of my travels, both in-person and cyber-based, I am hearing a recurring criticism from Episcopalians, particularly those who are elderly, shut-in, or isolated. That criticism, and it is deeply concerning, is that the church is ignoring them during the pandemic; that they feel ignored, brushed off, and irrelevant. I don’t have hard numbers, but I… Read More »

Streaming Services Will Prove Deadly for Many Churches

Many Episcopal churches have begun streaming services in response to the pandemic. And while this may be a short-term solution that protects church members and the public, the long-term consequences likely will prove lethal for many churches. Say what? Won’t being  online help broaden one’s reach and help spread the Good News? The short answer is that while… Read More »