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Time for Rob Rogers and Grace Chapel to grow some spine

Pastor Rob Rogers

One of the things we try to do at Anglican Watch, besides hammering on bad guys, bullies, and other low-lifes, is to offer suggestions for positive outcomes. Churches being what they are, our ideas are usually ignored. But we are going to provide some tips for Grace Chapel and Grace Christian Academy, and Rob Rogers.

  1. Stop with the condemnation. We get that you disagree with what Gracie and Angie are saying. But God doesn’t need my help and doesn’t need your help. So get over your bad selves.
  2. Stop with the blurring. Blurring is a strategy used by abusive churches and organizations where they say, “Well, there’s two sides to every story.” No, there are not always two sides to every story for the record. It’s never right to bully Gracie. It’s never right to ignore abuse. It’s never right under the law to dismiss your obligation to report child sexual abuse. 
  3. Stop trying to tell folks what’s Biblical. Not only do plenty of us know the Bible every bit as well as you do, you missed the part about the two Great Commandments. Hating on a victim of child sex abuse is so over the top you don’t even realize what outsiders see when we look at you.
  4. Stop threatening to sue people. In case you haven’t figured it out, threatening people worsens it.
  5. Stop complaining about people not fact-checking with you. Plenty of us have tried. You either try stupid and blatant lies or passive-aggressive silence. Neither helps.
  6. Stop babbling about your child protection policies. They’re trash, and you can quote us.
  7. Stop the nonsense about separate corporate entities. Your attorney obviously thought pointing this out was a good idea. It wasn’t. We don’t care about your corporate structure, and it’s not relevant.
  8. Preserve that evidence. Whether it’s criminal investigators or a civil suit, you know not to get any crazy ideas. We will find out sooner or later if you try to eliminate evidence. When we do, it will be World War III. World War IV if Anglican Watch finds out.
  9. Stop worrying what Steve Berger thinks. There are more important issues here. And don’t even try the whole thing about touching the anointed.
  10. Support Grant, Gracie, and Angie. Say it and mean it. Your behavior towards them is abusive on multiple levels.
  11. Commit to fixing your mistakes.
  12. Hire an independent investigator. No, we’re not talking about some clown with your law firm. We’re talking about GRACE or another respected outside organization.
  13. Don’t be cute. Provide anything and everything the outside investigators need. Nothing’s out of bounds, including Steve Berger.
  14. Get a written report outlining:
    1. What happened in the Solomon case.
    2. What went wrong.
    3. What you need to do to fix your mistakes.
  15. Publish the entire report. You’ve got enough spine to bully a 14-year-old girl. So, undoubtedly, you have enough backbone to lay your cards on the table. Or not.
  16. Change your ways. Some call it repentance. Some call it getting with the program. We don’t care. What you are doing isn’t right, and it’s not working. Fix it.
  17. Be accountable. 
  18. Obey the law. You still have a mandatory and moral obligation to report child abuse. We’re waiting. We’re watching. And it doesn’t depend on whether you think this is a minor family squabble or any of your other excuses.
  19. Share details with law enforcement.

Folks, there is a storm coming. At this point, the only question is whether it comes from you or whether it comes from outside your church. 

Justice is coming to Grace Chapel, one way or another. And if you fight it, you will go down in flames.

We promise.

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