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#JusticeforGracie: Patti Renee Tremblay a key witness in Solomon case

Patti Tremblay

In an earlier post, we talked about how the murder of Grant Solomon is inexorably intertwined with allegations of sexual assault involving his sister, Gracie. 

In all of this, there is one witness who will be a crucial player in any criminal investigation that may occur. That key witness is Patti Renee Tremblay, age 59, of Franklin, TN.

Serving as assistant to the Head of School at Grace Christian Academy (GCA) and in charge of the front desk, Tremblay arranged for Grant Solomon to meet with Grace Chapel Senior Pastor Steve Berger.

Tremblay’s role is essential, as getting an appointment with Steve Berger is famously tricky. As a corporate-style church, queries from members usually go to the specific ministry involved.

In other words, if we believe the hogwash coming from Rob Roberts and Grace Chapel, Tremblay out of the blue just thumped her head on the sidewalk and decided, “Hey, that Grant Solomon is a good kid. Let’s snag him a timeslot on the big boss’s schedule so he can come in, hang out, and talk about how to get closer to Jesus.”


Oh, and by the way, before the church’s lawyers send us a cease-and-desist letter, Grace Chapel and Grace Christian School are separate legal entities, and don’t you dare forget it.


Tremblay also has access to much information, which is a big deal in mega-churches. 

In addition to knowing everything that goes on at the front desk, Tremblay appears to be part of the inner circle, with roots back to the good ole’ days in California when Berger decided to move to Tennessee.

Additionally, Tremblay’s husband Jay serves at Grace Chapel as operations pastor. Among other things, this gives him access to church financial records and presumably access to church and school email accounts and other peepholes in the organization’s life.

It’s interesting: Although Patti and Jay appear to have clean criminal records, they have a history of federal tax liens and other suggestions of a checkered financial past. They are not typically the first people to whom an organization would give access to financial data.

Moreover, as the person in charge of the front desk at GCA, Patti would know what, if any, instructions were given about allowing Aaron Solomon on the property. And she would have the dirt on why Gracie was told to quit complaining about being sexually assaulted.

In other words, like Rose Mary Woods, Nixon’s all-powerful secretary and gatekeeper from his early days to the end of his political career, and who knew what was on those 18 minutes of erased tapes, Tremblay knows where the secrets are hidden.

So, Anglican Watch calls BS on Steve Berger, Rob Roberts, Grace Chapel, Patti Tremblay, and GCA. We don’t believe for an instant that Berger and Grant met to talk about getting closer to Jesus. We believe they met to talk about Gracie’s abuse.

Further, we believe Patti Tremblay knows this, and we think she will wind up testifying under oath as the investigation of this matter moves forward. 

One closing thought: In situations such as this, where civil or criminal cases will likely emerge, there is an obligation to preserve all relevant information. So the Tremblays, Rogers, Berger, and others all must maintain emails, text messages, notes, letters, memo visitor logs, and other information relevant to the case.

That’s particularly the case when, as here, Patti’s friend and colleague Amy Blaylock Curle says there’s “another side to the story.”

Since Tennessee is a mandated reporting state, and Curle has previously stated under oath that the school did not report the abuse of Grant and Gracie, we’d love to know what Curle thinks the other side is in her role as head of counseling for GCA.

We still have not received a response to our questions sent to Rob Rogers about these issues.

Hopefully, Patti will act like a Christian and come clean. And yes, things gotta be bad when the Episcopalians, who some would say barely believe in God, tell folks at Grace Chapel to act like Christians!


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