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Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Will Bouvel

Will Bouvel, associate rector of St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church on Chicago’s Gold Coast, joins our list of abusive clergy for his role in the David Duggan debacle. In that matter, Bouvel sought an anti-stalking protective order against Duggan, a parishioner, on the basis that Duggan had objected in writing to Bouvel’s ordination. Duggan had sent a confidential letter Read More

David Duggan files Title IV appeal

Moments ago, David Duggan, a retired attorney in the Diocese of Chicago, filed an appeal of the dismissal of his Title IV case. His complaint objects to the conduct of clergy within the diocese, who retaliated against Duggan for objecting to the ordination of an openly gay, married postulant. by filing a frivolous motion for protection from stalking Read More

Anglican Watch urges reconsideration of Duggan Title IV case in Chicago

Anglican Watch has repeatedly covered the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago debacle involving conservative church member David Duggan, including the recent decision to dismiss Duggan’s Title IV complaint. We remain shocked and appalled at the bad behavior in the diocese and urge Bishop Paula Clark to intervene and ensure that Duggan’s complaint is handled with integrity. Moreover, we believe the Read More

Time for Chicago bishop Paula Clark to shape up or ship out

Let’s cut to the chase: In light of yet another incident of unethical conduct from Chicago bishop Paula Clark, we’ve reached an inflection point. Specifically, it’s time for Clark to shape up or ship out. Simple as that. Anglican Watch previously covered David Duggan’s experiences with the Diocese of Chicago, which filed a protection from stalking order against Duggan Read More