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Breaking News: St. Paul’s Montvale

Anglican Watch has learned from a reliable source that there has been a criminal referral involving the conflict at St. Paul’s, Montvale. The referral involves potentially illegal conduct by Jeff Piatt and Beth Abramson, including possible tax evasion, money laundering, and theft of church financial records. The referral also references Montvale Landscaping. While we cannot predict the outcome, we… Read More »

Update: St. Paul’s Montvale

Editor: Moments ago we received confirmation that criminal complaints were filed for defiant trespass against 11 of the dissidents. Penalties under New Jersey law may include up to 30 days in jail, a fine of $500, and long-term loss of one’s driver’s license. The likelihood of imprisonment increases if there are additional violations. Additionally, conviction results in a… Read More »

Montvale Update: Steven Hopper and John Looes Lie to Newark Bishop and Clergy

This week, we see more dishonesty coming from Steven Hopper and the other dissidents with ties to St. Paul’s, Montvale NJ. Over the past week, Anglican Watch has continued our investigation of this situation, which involves protesters outside St. Paul’s, ad hominem attacks on Pastor Jill and the parish, myriad fabrications by the protestors, and homophobic hatred from the dissidents.… Read More »

St. Paul’s Montvale Begins External Audit

Following the recent removal of church financial records from the premises, St. Paul’s Montvale has brought in an auditor to conduct an independent review of church finances. The auditor, who has expertise in corporate and non-profit investigations, has successfully led numerous cases to prosecution. This initiative does not mean that criminal conduct or misfeasance has occurred. Instead, it… Read More »

St. Paul’s Montvale: Ginny Bartlett’s Ugly Discourse Speaks for Itself

In a prior article on the situation at St. Paul’s, Montvale, Virginia “Ginny” Bartlett posted a comment that claimed that Pastor Jill was abusive in an email exchange with her. For clarification, below are: Ginny’s comment. Ginny’s email (edited only to remove her full email address). Pastor Jill’s response. Anglican Watch’s closing comments. To be clear, Pastor Jill’s response… Read More »