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Spotlight on abuse: St. Paul’s Episcopal church, College Point

In January 2021 an adult man filed a lawsuit against the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island for historical sexual abuse at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, College Point, in Flushing, New York. The suit alleges a period of five to six months of repeated and coerced sexual abuse at the church when the plaintiff was 16 years old. The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island closed and sold the church in 2017. This abuse included groping, oral sex, and retaliatory threats made in the church and in the priest’s rectory residence. “Plaintiff seeks compensatory and punitive damages for the injuries he has suffered, as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees and the costs and disbursements of bringing this action.” Hon George J. Silver of the New York Supreme Court granted permission for the plaintiff to proceed anonymously. The Diocese argued that the plaintiff has not stated a negligence cause of action showing that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care. It also denies that diocesan negligence was the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island has not made any public statement about safeguarding in general or in this case.


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