Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal payroll manager Shannon G. Tuso

By | June 17, 2022
Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Payroll Manager Shannon G. Tuso

On May 5, 2008 Shannon G. Tuso was hired to handle payroll at Christ Church Christiana Hundred Episcopal Church in Greenville, Delaware, a year after she was convicted in federal court of embezzling $135,000.00 from the Bank of America. She was arrested in May 2010 for giving herself an unauthorized monthly $1,000 raise from the church in December 2009. Tuso claimed said she stole the money to save the life of her ex-husband, who was being hounded by a New Jersey drug dealer over a $25,000 debt. Christ Church Rector Ruth Lawson Kirk said she was unaware of the felony conviction for embezzlement when she hired Tuso to manage payroll. “I didn’t know about background checks,” she said to a newspaper in 2010.

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