Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal organist and music teacher Steve Erway

By | June 16, 2022

National Cathedral schools investigators received three reports from former St. Albans School students, two of whom were choristers at the Cathedral, of sexual misconduct by organist Steve Erway, who was not officially affiliated with the Cathedral, but lived with a St. Albans faculty member in the 1970s. One student recalled that Erway put his hands down the student’s pants in Erway’s house when the student was in B or A Form, in the mid-1970s. Another student alleged that Erway forcibly kissed him during a private music lesson in the student’s home. A third student described being fondled on two or three occasions in Erway’s bedroom. None of the students reported the incidents at the time. Erway was convicted in the late 1980s on a number of child sexual abuse charges in Colorado and Connecticut, unrelated to the incidents connected to St. Albans. He was registered as a sex offender in Colorado. The St. Albans investigators reported these findings to law enforcement. Erway died in 2019.

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