Seminary of the Southwest shows growth is possible for TEC

Cynthia Briggs Kittredge

The Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest recently announced that Cynthia Briggs Kittredgethe school’s dean and president, plans to transition from her position in June 2024. The news is a powerful reminder that, with the right leadership, growth is possible for the denomination.

During Kittredge’s tenure, the school launched an innovative mental health care degree program and created the Iona Collaborative, one of the most prominent local formation programs in the denomination.

Additionally, through Kittredge’s relation-based model of leadership, the seminary:

  • Eliminated all long-term debt.
  • Grew its endowment from $28.2 million to $42.4 million.
  • Built a new learning complex and library.
  • Developed a diverse and inclusive theology, including varying pedagogical styles.
  • Launched multiple successful fundraising programs.
  • Emerged from the pandemic with a renewed sense of mission and vitality.
  • Built a vibrant, beloved community, both within the seminary and worldwide.

Anglican Watch believes that Kittredge’s approach can work for many churches and dioceses, with its focus on building organizational capacity, fostering healthy relationships, and a balanced approach of inward- and outward-focused relational ministry.

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