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Robbie Mason responds to request for return of Grant’s belongings

Robbie Mason

As we promised, Anglican Watch is posting the response we received from Robbie Mason, headmaster of Grace Christian Academy, regarding the return of Grant Solomon’s belongings.

For the record, Mason’s recollections differ from those of others.

That said, this should be a simple matter to resolve: He just needs to send Grant’s belongings, insured and signature required, directly to Angie. We expect the items to be those that belonged to Grant, not just random stuff.

Anglican Watch has informed Mason we will cover the reasonable expenses of shipping Grant’s belongings to Angie.

If the items are not returned, Anglican Watch will support all legal means to recover these items, including criminal and civil actions.

Folks, we are not playing games, and we will not be dissuaded.



  1. They kept Grant’s belongings for over 3 years. How hard is it to return items when Grant’s family lives down the street? It’s bizarre they ask her to get an attorney just to return Grant’s things? Angie has begged for years, especially on holidays when Gracie would ask for her brother’s jersey to sleep in. Grant worked so hard for this school, his mother and sister were his world. My heart breaks for Grant all over again.

    1. Agree. The behavior of the school is unconscionable. And if it’s that friggin’ hard for them, I will personally drive to Tennessee to retrieve Grant’s items. So there is no excuse.

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