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Parochial report data sets records, and not in a good way

The Episcopal Church is dying

The results of the annual parochial for 2022 have been released, and the results are grim.


  • Active membership decreased at a record pace of 5.81%, or 88,306 persons, the largest decrease ever. Total active baptized members totalled 1,432,082.
  • The five-year decline in membership grew to 15%.
  • The ten-year decline in membership grew to 23%.
  • Although Average Weekly Attendance (AWA) increased by 56,306, it failed to offset the prior year’s decrease of 165,328.
  • Church finances continued to decline, with purchasing power declining sharply due to an 8 percent average inflation rate during the year.
  • Total congregational investments dropped by almost $700,000.000.
  • Another 45 parishes/missions closed.
  • 55% of parishes declined in membership by 10 percent or more—a sharp increase from the previous year’s 44%.
  • Over a five-year period, the church lost 34% of its AWA.

In short, nothing new or unexpected. But absent a huge turnaround, the end of the Episcopal Church is coming quickly.

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