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Aaron Solomon’s about to get a new one

Surgeon’s needle and sutures

Years ago, I worked for a really difficult boss. And suprisingly, I did well at the job and (usually) enjoyed it.

The secret? Making a joke out of her more colorful moments.

Indeed, one of my favorite pieces of office art was an elaborately framed, curved surgeon’s needle with about a foot of sutures hanging from it.

One day, my boss asked me, “AND WHAT IS THAT?” I smiled sweetly and said, “It’s a surgeon’s needle and sutures, so I can sew my backside up again after you’re done with me.”

She burst into laughter and we were friends from then on.

With that in mind, it’s time for Aaron Solomon to stockpile his surgical needles and thread.


Because sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that Nancy Grace is about to tear him a new one. Or maybe several new ones. And maybe pluck off an arm or leg or two.

And I don’t think they’ll wind up friends afterwards.

But I’ll be giving away free popcorn and soft drinks next week when it happens. So tune in to Nancy Grace’s podcast and enjoy the show.

In fact, I’m betting Aaron’s going to look like he was dragged about 60 feet over asphalt by a pickup truck when Nancy’s done with him. So it ain’t gonna be just his backside that needs stitches!

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