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Losch indictment for child rape undescores apathy among Episcopal leaders

Episcopal priest Richard Losch, indicted for child sexual abuse

The recent news that alleged child rapist and Episcopal priest Richard Losch has been indicted for child sexual abuse raises a related issue. Specifically, numerous leaders in the Episcopal Church knew of the allegations yet did nothing.

Those who ignored the problem, despite more than a dozen emails from the victim pleading for help:

– Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
– Bishop for Pastoral Development Todd Ousley
– Title IV Intake Officer for Bishops Barb Kempf
– President of the House of Deputies Julia Alaya Harris
– National Youth Ministry Officer Canon Myra B. Garnes
– Safe Church Manager Bronwyn Skov
– Assistant to the Presiding Bishop Sharon Jones
– Bishop of Alabama, Glenda Curry
– Alabama Title IV Intake Officer Rob Morpeth
– Executive Assistant to Massachusetts Bishop Alan Gates, Laura Simons
– Diocese of Massachusetts Title IV Intake Officer Starr Anderson

Additionally, Alabama diocesan staff lied to Massachusetts police investgators, saying that Losch did not have access to children and was not serving at a church. This despite serving as acting rector at two churches and living close to a school building.

Alabama diocesan staff also lied to an ELCA bishop who requested assistance with this matter and to the ELCA legal department.

A few church staff did help, including Diocese of New Hampshire Canon to the Ordinary Tina Pickering, Connecticut Bishop Ian Douglas (now retired), and the Rev. Canon Robin Hammeal-Urban, who was profoundly helpful and supportive throughout.

Anglican Watch condemns all church leaders who ignored their canonical and moral obligations to act and allowed an alleged child rapist to continue access to children.

For the record, no church is safe when judicatories display such profound indifference to child welfare and the well-being of others.

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