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#justiceforGrant: Spotlight on corrupt judge Deanna Johnson

Corrupt judge Deanna Johnson

In our continuing coverage of #justiceforgrant/#justiceforgracie, one official has gotten too little attention — Judge Deanna B. Johnson. With this post, we hope to remedy that situation.

Serving as Criminal Part II judge of the 21st District Chancery Court in Tennessee, Johnson is the wife of state Senator Jack Johnson. She is part of the inner circle of GOP Tennessee politics with ties to Christian nationalist pastor Steve Berger.

Her role in the Solomon case includes issuing a decision decreeing Angie Solomon an “abusive litigant” over her efforts to protect Gracie from sexual abuse by Aaron. She did so despite Aaron’s improbable claims, like his statement that he slept in the same bed as Gracie with a pillow between them, because he was aware of the allegations that he sexually abused her. Or the state Department of Children’s Services (DCS) findings substantiating abuse.

Even worse, Johnson has intervened to deep-six filings for protective orders for Gracie by third parties. Doing so is corruption, pure and simple. All Americans have the right to petition the courts, and we believe they must do so in cases in which the welfare of a child is at stake. 

We also suspect there’s more to this situation than meets the eye. 

Recall the allegations that Aaron has openly said he paid a $30,000 bribe to Coffee County judges to move the case out of Coffee County. That allegation is something that federal officials should investigate.

Of course, Deanna Johnson herself should be the subject of a corruption probe.

Let’s assume for a minute that every one of the court’s purported findings is true. Even if that is the case, that is no excuse for Deanna Johnson to put her thumb on the scales of justice when third parties seek a protective order for Gracie.

Moreover, the court’s highest priority should be protecting children from harm. No matter how we parse the issue, the facts are:

  1. We still have the death of Grant Solomon while in his father’s custody. Aaron’s story is a fabrication.
  2. We still have substantiated allegations of child sexual abuse by Aaron against Gracie.
  3. We still have unresolved allegations of physical, emotional and psychological abuse against Grant, Gracie, and Angie.
  4. We still have a guardian ad litem letter that is being ignored.
  5. We still have the courts issuing rulings inconsistent with the evidence.
  6. We still have GCA, Steve Berger, Amy Curle, and their refusal to report child sexual abuse.
  7. We still have Patti Tremblay seemingly luring Grant to his death. For the record, Anglican Watch does not believe for an instant that Tremblay one day thumped her head on the sidewalk, got to her feet, said to herself, “That Grant Solomon is a good kid. I’m going to get him an appointment to hang out with Steve Berger so he can talk about how to get closer to Jesus.”

Indeed, the fact that Steve Berger is lying about his meeting with Grant tells us much of what we need to know about what transpired. 

Grant met with Berger

Seventy-five days later, his father, out of the blue, wants to meet him in Gallatin first thing in the morning. Grant, still recovering from an illness, wants to meet later in the day, but Aaron insists on first thing in the morning, even though he doesn’t  have an appointment or any discernible legitimate reason for picking that time slot. 

Next thing we know, Grant’s dying in a ditch. His mobile phone travels around Gallatin after Grant’s death and turns up at the home of Holly Thompson and Lee Lynch.

Strangely enough, Lynch owns a business just down the road in Gallatin.

Even stranger, Aaron already knows where Grant’s belongings are, even as he lies about their location at the funeral.

And Aaron subsequently commits wire fraud by falsely claiming Grant’s truck is totaled.

Bottom line: We don’t believe Aaron. We are providing the full court document so you can decide for yourself if Judge Deanna Johnson is corrupt.

Anglican Watch also reminds readers: Nothing says someone who’s being abused — which includes Angie — has to get everything right, all the time. It’s possible that Angie made mistakes in responding to Aaron’s abuse. And that’s okay. It still doesn’t eliminate the need for Johnson to protect her, Gracie, and Grant. 

We believe Judge Deanna Johnson has Grant’s blood on her hands. 

We close with this: If Deanna Johnson really is a Christian, it’s time for her to admit to her corruption. Same for Steve Berger, Amy Curle, Rona Branson, and others.

Next up: The corruption of Rona Branson

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