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GCA students, parents, and alumni—YOUR tips wanted

Grace Christian Academy — Home of Corruption

As Anglican Watch continues our efforts on #justiceforgrant, #justiceforgracie, we are looking for information from another vantage point.

Specifically, we’re looking to hear from Grace Christian Academy alumni, parents, teachers, and students about abuse within the church and school.

So far, we’ve heard numerous tales of:

  • nondisclosure agreements (inherently abusive in a church setting).
  • teachers and pastors gossiping and spreading rumors.
  • pastors using the whole “I need you to pray for (those jackasses at Anglican Watch for being drug addicts, etc) in order to spread defamatory comments.
  • additional situations in which school personnel failed to report abuse.

If you or someone you know has faced abuse at Grace Christian Academy or Grace Chapel, please be in touch. We can take your information on deep background, off the record, without attribution or, if you really are a spitfire, with full attribution. But we’re happy to tell your story, and we are committed to dragging evil at GCA into the light.

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