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#justiceforGrant: Next steps in dealing with Robbie Mason and GCA and their theft of items from Grant Solomon’s funeral

Grace Christian Academy stole items from Grant Solomon’s funeral

Over the past couple of days, Anglican Watch has pushed Robbie Mason and others at Grace Christian Academy hard to return the items stolen — yes, stolen — from Grant Solomon’s funeral. 

Here’s where things stand.

  • Mason is not sidetracking us with his BS about how the school is trying to return these items. Consider: If I go into a bank, grab a handful of money out of one of the cash drawers, and then spend the next three years asking, “When can I return the money?” did I steal? Of course, I did. There was NO excuse for taking Grant’s baseball and other memorabilia. And the bit about going through a non-existent attorney is just another heap of BS.
  • We’ve called Mason’s bluff on these issues and sent him Angie’s mailing address and a request to return the items immediately. We’ve also offered to pay for courier or overnight charges — or even to drive to Tennessee, pick the items up ourselves, and hand-deliver them. In other words, we’ve made it easy for Mason and GCA to do what’s right.
  • We’ve pointed out in writing to Mason that this is not a hill to die on. The only thing he and the school do when they drag this out is to damage their reputation further.

We’re giving the school until 5:00 PM today, Nashville time, to return the items. After that, we’re pursuing criminal charges, and we will encourage Angie to file a civil suit.

We also will take specific actions, all legal, to make sure that the school takes action. We’re not going to tip our hand just yet, but we guarantee we’ll be stepping up our game.

@GCAlions, there is no excuse for stealing from a boy’s funeral or for gaslighting and other silly games. By your written statement, you have Grant’s belongings in your possession.

Grace Christian Academy needs to return Grant’s belongings. And they need actually to be Grant’s things–not some sorry sketch surplus baseball stuff you have lying around. We’ll know if the school tries that trick, and we’re not falling for it.

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