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Update: Return of Grant Solomon’s stolen items

Grant Solomon

Several readers have asked us to keep them posted on the efforts to obtain the return of the baseball memorabilia stolen from Grant Solomon’s funeral. This is a quick update.

Shortly before 5:00 PM Nashville time, we received a message from Robbie Mason that he was willing to return Grant’s items. We’ve made arrangements for this to happen and are holding off on our next wave of fiery blasts pending the return of Grant’s belongings.

To be clear: The items that are returned must actually be Grant’s, not some random surplus baseball junk from GCA. And we will know immediately if they are not the actual items.

Also, ALL items must be returned.

So, we are teed up for Operation Holy Hell, but we are holding off for 24 hours to give Robbie Rogers and GCA a final chance to act with integrity.

In the meantime, we sent the following message to Rob Rogers, lead pastor at Grace Chapel. After all, when he threatened to sue Shannon Ashley over her article, Rogers was whinging on about how she didn’t contact him first.

And while Rob’s at it, he can do us a favor and stop lying about how Grace Chapel and Grace Christian Academy did nothing wrong. That’s not true, and we’re not falling for it.

After all, he is the dolt who taught church members to pray the imprecatory psalms and to direct those at Gracie, a girl who had just lost her brother and who did nothing wrong.

What kind of jackass goes after a teenaged girl who’s just lost her brother?

Has Rob Rogers ever heard the phrase “spiritual abuse?”

We wonder.

Grace Christian Academy

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