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Former Anglican priest jailed twice pleads guilty to abusing two more boys

Louis Daniels

Louis Victor Daniels, 75, a former Anglican priest in Australia, appeared in the Supreme Court of Tasmania in Hobart in March 2023, where he admitted to repeatedly raping two boys in the almost 50 years ago. He was previously convicted of raping 11 other boys.

In courtroom testimony, victims described a lifetime of trauma, with Daniels allegedly telling one victim the rape was a “secret and because he was a priest no one would believe [you].”

Others described Daniels’ grooming, where he charmed parents, victims, and whole communities into believing him innocent and guileless.

Daniels, once a prominent figure in the Anglican Church, obtained access to boys through the church, and via Church of England Boys’ Society camps where he served in various leadership roles.

Although he left the priesthood in the 1990’s, Daniels’ attorney told the court that faith remains an essential part of his client’s life.

A Royal Commission investigating similar allegations in 2017 found that networks of pedophiles existed within the Boys’ Society program. Offenders knew of each others’ presence and facilitated sexual abuse by other predators.

The church allegedly knew of his offenses since 1981 yet “elevated Daniels to be the archdeacon of Burnie & the chair of a church youth synod.”

Daniels will be sentenced next month.

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