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Shameless plug: Problems at CDSP

CDSP struggles with injustice

Think that GTS is a hot mess? That Sewanee has major issues with race? That TEC is going in circles when it comes to race? That clergy discipline in TEC is a dumpster fire?

If so, you’re absolutely correct. But the mess in the church goes much further, and we’re working on an article on the Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (CDSP).  We’re not quite ready to publish, but we hope that the article will highlight not just issues with classism, elitism, structural racism, bullying, and dysfunctional systems. Not just at CDSP, but across the entire church, and at some of the most prestigious organizations within the church.

So stay tuned. We’re looking forward to a provocative article that we hope will engender self-examination, discussions of transparency and accountability, and more.

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