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Episcopal priest Marshall Ben Day appears to violate court order to stop drinking

Marshall Ben Day

As we continue our investigation and coverage of the allegations of sexual and other misconduct by Episcopal priest Marshall Ben Day, who serves as rector of Christ Church Kennesaw, we notice something disturbing, which is that he appears to be in violation of a previous Sobriety Safety Plan he signed as part of his 2019 divorce from his previous wife. We also note the provision in that plan in which his former wife agreed not to participate in any further investigations of his actions to date in order to protect Day’s income.


Apropos the Sobriety Safety Plan, here is an screencap of the relevant provisions:

Marshall Ben Day Sobriety Safety Plan
Marshall Ben Day Sobriety Safety Plan

Note that Day agreed not to consume alcohol at all. Both parties agree not to do so during parenting time, and not to transport minor children in a vehicle where the driver has been drinking alcohol.

Now, take a look at Day’s Google review of Dos Amigos, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Virginia, which he apparently visited in conjunction with a visit to Virginia Theological Seminary, which is just down the road.

Marshall Ben Day
Marshall Ben Day

Note the reference to four children. Although Mallory, his wife, has four children, one lives with a grandparent. Thus, the children almost certainly are Mallory’s three sons, plus Day’s son from his previous marriage.

That begs the question: Even if the driver hadn’t consumed alcohol, why is Day, by his own admission, violating the court order not to drink? Has the order been rescinded? If not, he may be found in contempt of court.

And frankly, we hope his former wife does file for contempt. One member of the AW team lost six family members to a drunk driver in a crash that made national headlines, and we are all too well aware of the suffering that results from alcohol abuse.

Even worse, Day appears to have done his drinking while in custody of a child from his previous marriage — and allowed the child to be driven by someone under the influence.

Moreover, a review of the Dos Amigos menu reveals that kids’ dishes are $9.99 each. So assuming extras, and four kids, and that Day’s statement that the children ate from the kids’ menu is true,  we can call that $60 for the total tab for the four kids.

The most expense adult dish on the menu is the New York Strip Steak and Shrimp, at $29.00. So, assuming two top-of-the-menu entrees and some incidentals, adult meals ran an estimated $42 each, for a total of $84 and a pre-alcohol tab of $144. So, with top-end Margaritas priced at $18, it looks like Ben either had three or four stiff drinks, or the driver shared in the joy, despite kids in the car.

In other words, this was not a de minimis sip of someone else’s drink. This appears to have been a case of getting at least tipsy while having custody of a child from his first marriage,

No matter how you parse it, Day’s behavior is nothing short of scary.


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