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Emerging evidence raises additional questions about Grant Solomon’s death

Sam Johnson #justiceforgrant

Anglican Watch recently spoke with a close friend of Angie, Gracie, and Grant Solomon. During the conversation, we were reminded of the strange conduct of Samuel Johnson, the now-disgraced former CEO of VisuWell. Johnson was fired by the company in 2021 after harassing a same-sex couple preparing to go to their high school prom.

Johnson, a long-time friend of Aaron Solomon, accompanied Angie and Melanie Hicks, a close friend of Angie’s, to Ward Performance Institute, the scene of Grant’s fatal injuries, soon after Grant’s death.

While on the scene, Johnson allegedly repeatedly told Hicks that pins in the truck’s gear shift, which connects to the automatic transmission, shear “so easily.” 

Despite Johnson’s claim, Aaron Solomon drove the truck himself for several months before fraudulently having it totaled by the insurance carrier. Grant’s mother recovered the vehicle, and a forensic examination indicates that it was in perfect working condition at the time of Grant’s death. 

Moreover, the truck’s black box reveals that someone drove it to its resting point above Grant as he lay dying in a ditch by the roadside. The vehicle was subsequently placed in park by the operator.

One witness states, “Sam’s comments make me wonder why he would start offering explanations when there was no evidence at all to support his claims.”

Anglican Watch spoke with legal experts, who stated that Johnson’s comments could indicate guilt or collusion in the death of Grant Solomon.

Local residents tell Anglican Watch that Johnson has a history of questionable behavior, including allegations of domestic abuse.

We have been unable to independently confirm these claims but have learned of them from various sources, including persons with no connection to the Solomon family.

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