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Disturbing allegations of Daniel McClain violating emergency protective order emerge

Daniel McClain

Anglican Watch has received complaints that Daniel McClain may have violated the existing emergency protective order on multiple occasions. While we have not yet been able to confirm these allegations, McClain’s track record, which includes claims of lying, bullying, and intimidating people, leads us to conclude that criminal contempt charges may be warranted against him.

Among the allegations are that Daniel McClain has tried to contact his wife and to intimidate her.

These assertions raise another issue, which is that of Daniel McClain’s judgment.

What part of do not contact, do not intimidate, do not approach your spouse does he not get? Or the notion that you should not attempt to contact someone represented by legal counsel?

If nothing else, no attorney in her right mind wants a client who plays games like this.

Hopefully Daniel McClain’s attorney and bishop have strenuous conversations with him in which they tell him to shut up, act like a man versus a bully, and at least pretend to be a Christian.

We can only hope.

P.S. We’ve heard on the grapevine that “Fr. Chill,” aka Daniel McClain claims that the person behind AW is a defrocked priest. Not only is AW a non-profit, versus a single person, but no one here is defrocked.

As for editor Eric Bonetti, he assures all involved he has never been, nor ever will choose to be, an Episcopal priest. And that is doubly the case with persons like Daniel McClain in ministry.


  1. Speaking of bad smells, “Ezekiel”? “Broham”? “Holy Ghost Power”?

    Sounds like a drain cleaner for evangelicals. Or an alternative to Ex-Lax.

    Scratch that. Smells like Dan McClain.

    Barfbag time.

    Then time to start a spreadsheet of IP addresses.

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