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Crista Stewart exemplifies duplicity in the midst of #justiceforGrant

Crista Stewart

In situations like #justiceforgrant and #freedomforgracie, we quickly come to find that people approach the situation with varying goals. Some are looking for that podcast that catapults them to fame. Others want generic fame and fortune. Some have a narcissistic need to fulfill a savior complex. Some just want to get the skinny on the searing trauma when a child is murdered. Others are true crimers. Some have no idea what they want, but they just gotta muscle their way in. Some are busybodies with too much time on their hands.

And some are sneaky, two-faced pieces of caca whose only role is to spy for others, or to pursue their own agendas. That’s the case with Crista Stewart and a number of others who want to control the narrative in their efforts to sandbag Steve Berger.

To be clear, if Steve Berger and the rest of his Christian nationalist theo-bros bite the dust, that’s fine by us. But our focus is not going after him; it’s finding justice for Grant and his family. If our approach results in Berger landing in jail — and it might well, given his fabrications about his meeting with Grant — that’s pretty spiffy. But again, it’s not one of our goals. And anyone who’s trying to play the situation for their own purposes needs to exit, stage right.

As for Crista Stewart and those who talk a good game, while pursuing their own agendas, don’t try it. Folks here know what you’re up to, and Anglican Watch won’t hesitate to call you out for your two-faced, manipulative behavior. Not to mention we will block you in record time.

Doubt it? Try us.

Following is documentation of some of the behind-the-scenes back and forth.

And by the way, folks with fake IG accounts and other efforts at being sneaky can forget it. We’re on to you, and will will block you in record time.

That also extends to sorry, self-serving POS like Constance Rhodes. She’s all about being genuine, dealing with hard times for the soul, and more, all with the goal of selling books. But while she’s babbling on about integrity, she couldn’t even be bothered to report Gracie’s abuse to law enforcement officials.

So, Rhodes is a hypocritical piece of dog shit who can’t even be bothered to protect children. And you know what — there’s a special place in hell for those willing to ignore children who are being hurt. In fact, we have it on good authority that Rhodes has VIP seating.

Constance Rhodes
Constance Rhodes

Our efforts are intended to find justice for Grant, Gracie, and Angie. If you have any other goal, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Consider yourselves warned.

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