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Lies, threats, profanity and toxic behavior from Crista Stewart, Olivia McCarthy, Laura Sarratt, Constance Brown, and the other Bergerites in exile

Olivia McCarthy shows us true Christianity

Proof we were right all along comes from these ugly text messages from folks with their own agendas in #justiceforgrant.

If idiots like these folks think Anglican Watch is taking down content they don’t like, they’d better start writing those books, doing those interviews, making those moves, and publishing those articles. Because we’re not going anywhere. And we’ve been threatened by far better than this sorry lot.

Meanwhile, outsiders reading the tone and content of their messages consistently use two words: “childish and hateful.” And they sure as &(%&% aren’t Christian.

As for Olivia, the Church Lady herself, it’s 3:01 Eastern. You’d better get publishing! Maybe you can include some of that sorcery you allegedly believe in. And be sure to include how you and Crista ran the Freedom for Gracie page at first—will make it far easier for everyone when the lawsuits start.

Nice move, ladies. Game on!

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