Olivia McCarthy reported to law enforcement for making terroristic threats against Angie/Gracie Solomon and Anglican Watch

Olivia McCarthy makes terroristic threats against us

Legal warning: Any further communication from Olivia McCarthy or anyone acting on her behalf will be charged with criminal harassment. Same for Olivia’s various pseudonyms.

Olivia McCarthy has always been a bit out there, with her alleged claims to communicate with the dead and other weirdness.

But now, she’s making terroristic threats against Angie and Gracie over our recent coverage of her two-faced behavior and that of her friends, including Constance Rhodes and Crista Stewart.

As for the group’s efforts to get Angie to prevail upon us to take content down, it’s time for these women to put on the big girl panties and contact us directly.

That said. Before Olivia starts traveling the highways and byways of Florida to make sure our post is down, we’ll save countless towns and communities the trauma of dealing with her. Specifically, our content isn’t going anywhere.

Specific threats of arson and physical violence by Olivia McCarthy. FBI, take note.

And if folks are so solidly behind Angie, they can skip the bit about how they’re afraid of Sam Johnson and AJ Amor. Time to grow a pair and be adults. We’re not afraid of either of those losers, or Aaron Solomon, either. Those three clowns claim to be Christians, but don’t even have the courage to oppose evil. In fact, they don’t have the guts to say boo to their own shadows.

That’s just sad.

In the meantime, we are forwarding Olivia’s terroristic threats to the appropriate law enforcement officials. And with our editor being a former police officer, rest assured the matter will be taken seriously.

Finally, three words in closing for Olivia McCarthy. Go. To. Hell.

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