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Breaking news: GCA returns Grant’s belongings

Gracie Solomon birthday!

It’s been an arduous ride, but after more than three years, Grace Christian Academy (GCA) has finally returned the items taken from Grant Solomon’s funeral.

One of the things that was particularly arduous was that Grant’s baseball coach, Brad Myers, ignored repeated requests from Grant’s mother, Angie, to return the items. Myers took Grant’s playoff baseball from Grant’s funeral service.

Similarly, Grace Chapel pastor Rob Rogers, who bellyached about not being contacted before colleague Shannon Ashley wrote an article adverse to the church, ignored our repeated emails asking him to assist in this matter.

How this is Christian escapes us, and Rogers has no basis to complain about not being contacted if he’s going to play these passive-aggressive games.

Anglican Watch is pleased to have been able to help the parties find a resolution in this matter. 

We hope that Grace Chapel and GCA will continue to act with integrity, provide accurate information, and accept responsibility for their actions and inactions in the death of Grant Solomon and the abuse of Gracie and Angie. 

We also hope we will see an end to the childish, hateful, retaliatory behavior of folks like Amy Curle. As an adult and a purported mental health professional, Curle should understand the value of acting with kindness and compassion towards all human beings—and examining her own conduct from a dispassionate perspective.

By continuing to act with integrity, Grace Chapel and the school will restore some of their damaged reputations. It will also reduce the trauma Gracie and Angie are experiencing and be the Christian thing to do.

Given the rumors and destructive behavior we have documented as coming from the church and school, including the obnoxious bit from Rob Rogers encouraging members to pray the imprecatory Psalms toward Gracie, we hope the church and school will take the next step in moving toward health and wholeness by issuing a written apology to both.

That is what responsible Christian adults would do. Let’s hope this is the first step towards wholeness and integrity by the church and school. 

Finally, one thought for Rob Rogers, Brad Myers, and others at the church and school. You are supposed to be servant leaders, so stop the passive-aggressive silent treatment games and man up. Enough of the cancel culture antics.

The lead photo is Grant’s baseball memorabilia, wrapped by Angie as a birthday present for Gracie. Happy 17th, Gracie!

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