Breaking: Montvale dissidents lied to Mayor Ghassali in St. Paul’s conflict

By | September 17, 2022
Montvale Dissidents Busted for Lying

Anglican Watch recently obtained email records between Montvale mayor Mike Ghassali and various people, including the St. Paul’s dissidents. As we expected, they document several things:

  • Steve Hopper lied about the meeting between Mayor Ghassali and Pastor Jill.
  • After seeing Hopper’s dishonest e-mail, Mayor Ghassali busted Hopper for his lies, telling Hopper not to reference him in future emails.
  • The dissidents lied to Ghassali about not entering the property.
  • Most significantly, Ghassali himself recognizes that entry by the protestors on church property would be illegal.

A copy of the relevant emails is included below.


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Steve Hopper is a perfect example of how not to be a Christian. Ditto for Piatts, Abrahamson and rest of bunch.