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Barf bucket time: A warning about Aaron Solomon and internet dating

Aaron Solomon looking for sex

Nashville area residents: Read this.


Before we go further, an important caveat: We don’t care who people sleep with. Anglican Watch doesn’t care if you’re gay, bi, straight, fluid, asexual, whatever. We don’t care who you’re attracted to. It’s none of our business.

But we have serious concerns when someone is something other than what they claim to be. And we are concerned when someone may be a dangerous intimate partner.

And so it is with Aaron Solomon, who is reportedly on numerous dating and hookup websites. That includes the LGTBQ-focused Grindr.

Let us explain.

Faith as cover for corruption

On the highest level, Aaron Solomon claims to be a conservative Christian. That’s fine by us—just like orientation, it’s none of our business. 

But then we expect him to be who he says he is. And all the evidence suggests he’s anything but a Christian. Or even an honest person.

Instead, everything we see suggests Aaron not only doesn’t believe in God, but he uses faith as cover for his evil.

In other words, Aaron is the Angel of Light that the Bible warns us about. He’s all sunshine and smiles, but right beneath the surface is, we believe, a profoundly evil person.

Relatedly, we have a problem with Steve Berger calling Aaron a “buddy,” as he did at Grant’s funeral. Simply put, our buddy list doesn’t include persons with substantiated claims of child sexual abuse. And we are shocked and appalled when a religious leader like Steve Berger implicitly signs off on child sexual abuse via his endorsement of Aaron Solomon.

Then we come to the issue of the support Gov. Lee and the other Grace Chapel apparatchiks offer Aaron. Why are they supporting a predator? 

Online safety

On another level, someone who tried to kill his wife, sexually abused his daughter, and likely killed his son is NOT a safe intimate partner. 

Then we get Grant’s allegations about child porn on Aaron’s computer before his death. Yikes. Creep-o-rama.

Add in the allegations of Aaron spiking drinks and engaging in date rape — claims we cannot confirm but believe to be true — and this is a case of DEFCON 1. All hands to battle stations, prepare for nuclear launch. 

We also note that several people in Aaron’s immediate circle are reportedly bisexual. We’re working on those stories and will publish them once we are confident they are accurate. Those allegations, as with many issues involving Aaron, may suggest larger issues.

The bottom line is this: If you are online looking for love, romance, or a quickie, beware. 

Aaron Solomon is present on many dating sites, and no matter how we parse it, he is not someone safe. Be very cautious before meeting anyone who might actually be Aaron Solomon. Your life may be in danger.

In the meantime, pardon us while step away in search of our barf bucket. The notion of any sort of romantic encounter with Aaron makes our collective stomachs lurch.

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