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Anglican bishop in jail over allegations of embezzlement

Bishop PC Singh

The former moderator of the Anglican Church of North India has been arrested following his return from the Lambeth Conference. Charged with fraud and theft, The Most Rev. P.C. Singh remains in jail.

Among the charges are that he embezzled money from school tuition, and that he colluded with another bishop in the fraudulent sale of church assets.

Along with the arrest, police raided Singh’s home, where they discovered ₹16.5 million rupees ($207,000) and $18,000 US dollars in cash. Jewelry was also found, as well 174 bank accounts allegedly controlled by the bishop, holding funds totaling $254,000 USD.

The other bishop, Rt. Rev. Peter Baldev, has been charged with racketeering, fraud, and forgery after allegedly forging documents to sell church assets to confederates at below-market value. He was apprehended by police last summer, after being a fugitive for several months.

Both cases, as well as that of an alleged accomplice, remain under investigation.

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