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An open letter to Aaron Solomon: time to pack it in

Aaron Solomon, alleged murderer


As you probably know, we’ve been covering your story for some time. And we have a straightforward message for you: Time’s up.

To be clear, while we cannot yet prove it, we are confident you killed your son Grant. And abused your wife. And sexually assaulted your daughter. There’s plenty of evidence, and we have zero doubt about your guilt.

And yes, we get that you’re a big man around Nashville. But you know what? We don’t care. We’re not impressed by you. You’re nothing but a little weasel with sharp teeth.

For the record, you cannot intimidate us. You might be able to bully women and children. But you can’t and won’t bully us. 

We’re not going to be silent. We and countless others are going to watch you like a hawk. And we’re not afraid of you.

We’re also tenacious. Whether it takes a day, a week, a month, or 20 years, we won’t give up. 

You also need to know that the longer this goes on, the more evidence will spread and pile up. TV might have been a big deal in 2011, along with the fact that you were an anchor. But the Internet and social media have swamped TV and old media outlets, and nothing will make us go away. 

Nor will physical violence help. At this point, the world is watching. If anything happens to anyone connected with this case, we will pounce. And if you had anything to do with it, we will hold you accountable.

And while staff at Anglican Watch doesn’t believe in a literal hell, you have put yourself in something far worse—a situation in which we think you killed your son. You will live with that every day of your life.

We get that you probably don’t believe in God, despite attending church.

That’s okay because things are not looking good for you whether you believe in God, karma, or the notion that what goes around comes around. 

And if there is a literal hell, there will be a special place in it for anyone who murders his child, abuses his wife, and rapes his daughter.

So, you’ve got two choices:

  1. The first option is to continue trying to manipulate and charm bomb your way out of things. And yeah, you can turn on the magic whenever you want. But sooner or later, even people who like you will realize who and what you are. At that point, people will turn their backs on you, and there will be a day of reckoning in our legal system. And remember: There is no statute of limitations for murder. So you will live with this every day of your life. We’ve already notified the FBI and numerous other law enforcement agencies about the allegations against you. So it may be all about who you know, but you don’t know enough people to shut down the scrutiny you will get in the coming days.We’re also prepared to bet that Gracie will file suit against you at some point. When that happens, there will be plenty of us willing to chip in. So yes, you have money, but it won’t be enough.You also can try filing suit against us and others. But at this point, there are literally hundreds of us involved in the case, and filing suit will just create that much more visibility.
  2. The second option is to be a grown-up about things. You see, real men take responsibility for their conduct. So you can admit to your conduct and suffer the consequences. But that beats spending a lifetime wondering and waiting as the evidence piles up against you. You also need to understand that the longer you wait and the more games you play, the worse things will be. Yes, you’ve managed to manipulate the courts into believing you, but sooner or later, the clock will run out on you. When it does, you’ll find that the courts take a very dim view of being played. And they have even less respect for someone who kills their son.Oh, and as a former news anchor, you probably already know this, but you need a reminder: The lowest form of life in the prison system is a pedophile who molests his child. So yes, prison is vicious, but it’s not entirely without honor. So, you may have told Grant that he’s too fat, too dumb, too slow, and all the other physical and verbal abuse you tossed at him. But what awaits you is going to be far worse.

But no matter how you parse things, the end is in sight. We will hold you accountable. It’s only a matter of time.

And a word for the inevitable lawyers: These are all allegations. All persons are innocent until proven guilty. But we find the accusations against Aaron credible and convincing, and we will not be silenced. 


    1. Is there any evidence that Aaron is part of child sex trafficking or pedophilia ring? The members of these secret societies are made up of very elite and powerful people in our country and I can only imagine that they will stop at nothing protect their sick lifestyle. He sat on the board for Our Kids Center which gave him access to vulnerable children. He reportedly videoed his daughter showering. The amount of protection that has been given to Aaron can’t otherwise be explained. If a normal citizen like myself committed the crimes Aaron is accused of then I would be thrown in jail and the key thrown away. Yet Aaron has had zero repercussions.

      1. Hi Vanessa. Thanks for weighing in. Please keep spreading the word—-we are determined to find justice for Angie, Gracie, and Grant. And we are NOT backing down—I just wish we could do more.

        – Eric Bonetti

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