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A shout-out to the Montvale dissidents

Beth Abrahamson

In recent weeks, the Montvale dissidents have been relatively quiet as they await their trial date for criminal trespass. Instead, reliable sources tell us that the group has actively been trying to make Pastor Jill Williams’ life miserable with a torrent of Title IV complaints. But as the bishop has made clear, current steps to prevent disruption of worship at the parish will continue. Loosely translated, that means: Kiddies, don’t get your hopes up.

That said, regardless of what the future may bring, we extend this shout-out to the dissidents: We’re watching you, and damned closely. And we are prepared to name names, publish documents, and identify your businesses or places of employment.

And no, that’s no doxxing. Folks who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. But folks like Joe Wahler  can expect that their misogynistic, homophobia, and violent rhetoric will be made public. Same for Jeff and Debbie Piatt, Beth Abrahamson, Montvale Landscaping, Russell Miller, Joanne Riley, Dawn Brimigion Hopper, Mark Denbeaux, and others.

So, even though Jill has moved onto to better things, none of you should be getting any bright ideas, no matter how the court case turns out. And if we learn you have harassed vestry members or others at the church, trespassed, or otherwise acted badly, we will tell the world. And we are a whole lot less nice than Pastor Jill or the St. Paul’s vestry.

Consider yourself warned,.


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