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Weasel alert: Episcopal priest Ben Day engaging in spoliation of evidence

Fr. Ben Day, Episcopal priest and sexual abuser

As Anglican Watch continues its investigation into the toxic situation involving Kennesaw, GA, Episcopal priest Ben Day, and the Diocese of Atlanta’s corrupt handling of a related Title IV complaint, a disturbing new wrinkle has emerged. Specifically, Day appears to be attempting to conceal information about his misconduct, possibly in awareness that the case may soon lead to civil litigation against him.

The implications of Day’s conduct are far-reaching.

On the highest level, Day’s actions evince knowledge of guilt. Those with nothing to hide typically increase the information relevant to a situation such as this. Thus who rush to hide information may, in a judicial or ecclesiastical proceeding, be found to be doing so in an effort to obstruct justice.

In Day’s case, his seemingly long history of manipulative, anti-social conduct and lack of concern for the welfare of others leads us to believe that Day is aware of his guilt and is attempting to cover his tracks.

So what’s gone missing? Among the things Day has pulled down are YouTube videos that show:

  1. His current wife attended his parish prior to Day’s intimate encounter with her. She was accompanied to church by her former partner.
  2. His fabrications in front of parishioners that his current wife’s child, the biological son of her former partner, is his.
  3. He has violated the Episcopal Title IV clergy disciplinary canons 18 ways to noon.

As to Day’s assertions that his present wife attended another church prior to their liaison, those are BS, world without end, amen.

Not only does his wife appear in the parish directory prior to that time, but where she attended church or was a member is irrelevant.

The touchstone for Title IV purposes is whether he had a pastoral relationship with any of the parties involved prior to his alleged sexual abuse of her. In that regard, it is indisputable that Ben Day had a pastoral relationship with his wife’s significant other and with her prior to his sexual liaison with her.

As to possible claims from Ben Day that the relationship was consensual, those are another blast of BS. There is no such thing as a consensual relationship between a clergyperson in a pastoral relationship with a parishioner. Any such relationship is, per se, abusive. Clergy are always and everywhere responsible for maintaining that boundary, and there are no excuses, explanations, or exceptions.

Anglican Watch is filing a Title IV complaint in this matter in the appropriate venue.

Additionally, we call on Ben Day to step down from his position immediately. If he does not do so, it falls to the Diocese of Atlanta to suspend him effectively immediately.

In the meantime, this post serves as actual notice to Ben Day: Stop with the destruction of evidence. If nothing else, as someone “who works with the Kennesaw police,” you well know that nothing ever completely disappears from the internet.

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  1. If there was nothing to hide, make all the former videos on YouTube public again. It would only take a few clicks. Prove that Fr Ben Day’s wife was never a parishioner. Of course it’s clear that the videos would prove she was and that’s why they have all been made private now. They still exist. DioATL, if they cared, could easily investigate this mess. Too bad Bishop Rob Wright doesn’t care about sexual abuse under his watch.

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