Update: St. Paul’s protestors retain legal counsel

By | July 14, 2022
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Early information received by Anglican Watch indicates that the St. Paul’s Montvale protestors have retained legal counsel. The move is in response to criminal charges for defiant trespassing, filed by Montvale police against 11 individuals, including local attorney Marc Denbeaux. Others charged include:

  • Jeff Piatt
  • Maria and Leigh Hopper
  • Anne Bosch
  • Jane Moser
  • Joe and Vicki Solis
  • Rusty, Louise, and Martine Miller

A hearing in the matter, previously scheduled for July 13, is now set for August 17.

Anglican Watch believes the news may be good for all sides, as legal counsel can explain to the protestors the risk of civil litigation involving defamation per se, civil conspiracy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and contractual interference. Sources connected with the parish have said that steps are being taken in preparation for civil litigation against several individuals.

Sources also have told Anglican Watch that an attorney disciplinary complaint may be filed against Denbeaux. Similarly, complaints with various professional regulatory officials are under consideration.

To date, Anglican Watch has not received any explanation from Beth Abrahamson, Jeff Piatt, Debbie Piatt, or others connected with the case about the questionable checks signed by Abrahamson using parish funds. These include payments to Piatt’s son Doug for alleged reimbursements, despite no evidence to suggest that any loans were made to the church. A copy of one such check, which is just shy of the amount that must be reported to the IRS, is below. A second claimed reimbursement follows.

An alleged reimbursement check, just shy of the amount requiring IRS reporting

An alleged reimbursement check to Doug Piatt, just shy of the amount requiring IRS reporting

The IRS has received complaints of potential criminal conduct by Jeff Piatt and Beth Abrahamson

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