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The hypocrisy of Susan Elzey

Susan Elzey

Speaking of Susan Elzey, who appears to be the author of several of the more childish and hateful posts that we nuked, check out her description of herself on her Facebook page, above.

Supporting a busy spouse? Instilling moral values? How exactly does that work?

Given Elzey’s ugly lies about Phil Snyder and her apparent affair with Liam Goligher, we reiterate that this is one profoundly troubled human being. And the sex in public parks doesn’t do much to aid her case.

Does Elzey have an anti-social personality disorder? Is she a narcissist? A psychopath?

We can’t say for sure, but one thing is clear—this is a woman who needs to be excommunicated, barred from the church, and hopefully sued for abuse of process.

Her childish, hateful, and immature comments are directly out of the Grace Episcopal Alexandria playbook. And we hope her husband is not misled by her tears and manipulation, as we are told her affair with Liam Goligher goes back years.

What an ugly human being! And no, we are not referring to physical attractiveness—we’re referring to the ability to differentiate right from wrong, to tell the truth, and to act with integrity.

As for her claim that there were no charges for illegal behavior in a Lancaster park, Elzey can have her own opinions. She cannot have her own facts.

The facts are that Susan Elzey is a liar, a perjurer, an adulterer, evil, and possibly mentally ill.

And until she demonstrates true remorse and contrition and publicly retracts her perjury and accepts the consequences of her illegal behavior, we’re not cutting this hypocritical scumbag any slack. Not to mention if we were her kids, we’d take an absolute pass on religion after seeing her rank hypocrisy.

Feel free to quote us.


  1. “As for her claim that there were no charges for illegal behavior in a Lancaster park, Elzey can have her own opinions.”

    She claimed that? Where / when? In the comments you nuked?

  2. Goligher was an authority figure to Elzey given his role as minister over her role as deaconess. This makes what she has experienced abuse, not consensual sex. We need to realize and remember this so as not to blame a victim. The situation is as if a schoolteacher encouraged a student to have sex, not a meeting among consenting adults. I also dislike the meanness and cruelty of the way you talk about her here. Please see to your own spiritual needs before you accuse abused people of extra sin and ruin lives with your callouts.

    1. And how do you explain her perjury in the church’s efforts to shut down whistleblower Phil Snyder? Her fabrications occurred multiple times.

      Even as a victim of abuse, that does not absolve Elzey of moral culpability across other areas of her life. And how do you feel about the fact her actions ruined his life, and cost Phil hundreds of thousands of dollars?

      You are forgetting that her misconduct extends far beyond her behavior in a public park.

    2. They have been good friends for years. He moved to her area after the incident. Their families are close. He has spent time with her kids alone. They collaborated to oust Phil Snyder from Tenth. She seemingly lied in court about Phil, which got Phil ousted, and then Phil’s wife divorced him, and his friends left him. Elzey took on a deaconess role with this on her conscience. Now she is apparently lying to her family. Innocent? Doubtful.

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