Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal clergy spouse Kirk Steffensen

We’ve previously posted on the corruption and dishonesty of Leslie Steffensen, who serves as Canon to the Bishop Suffragen of the Armed Services and Federal Ministries. And with signs afoot that Steffensen is looking for her next gig, it’s appropriate to publish additional details, including the fact that she is a “two-fer” deal. Specifically, hire Leslie and you get her equally abusive husband Kirk Steffensen. The latter serves as Senior Vice President of Corvid Technologies, a federal defense contractor.

Before we go further, it should be telling that Leslie’s discernment process was arduous. And given her integrity issues, it seems the committee was onto something that made it hesitate; they just couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

In Kirk’s case, he tried to shut down criticism of his wife’s conduct by threatening the employment of Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti’s husband, a former Navy officer and current DoD employee.

Kirk Steffensen threatens parishioner
Kirk Steffensen threatens parishioner

We are told that he later sent a manipulative email to another family member, thinking he had contacted Bonetti. In it, he denied making threatening statements, claimed he “once liked” Bonetti, and more of the usual B.S.

Last we heard, it’s illegal to threaten federal employees. Maybe this is something to consider when Kirk’s security clearance comes up for review.

In the meantime, anyone considering calling Leslie Steffensen should consider it a package deal: Two scumbags for the price of one.

Also worth noting is neither Steffensen has ever accepted responsibility for their conduct. Nor have they apologized.

And anyone considering hiring Leslie should ask about her behavioral issues while attending Florida public schools. As they say here in Virginia, “This one has issues.”

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