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Rob Morpeth, corrupt DioAla Title IV intake officer, set to retire

The Rev. Rob Morpeth ignores allegations of child molestation

Well-placed sources have told Anglican Watch that Rob Morpeth, an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Alabama who serves as the Title IV intake officer for the diocese, is set to retire. Morpeth has repeatedly ignored the requirements of the Title IV disciplinary canons, including refusing to respond to allegations of child sexual molestation.

In multiple instances, bishop Glenda Curry similarly has ignored these issues, including Morpeth’s violations of the Title IV canons. Thus, Curry is placing children at risk and bringing discredit on holy orders, the Episcopal church, and her diocese.

Lack of accountability and urgency were identified as critical factors in the church’s ongoing refusal to address issues involving impaired clergy in the wake of the Bishop Heather Cook DUI debacle. 

Anglican Watch believes that feckless bishops like Curry are at the heart of these issues. Thus, we call on Curry to join Morpeth in announcing her retirement, effective immediately. 

Bottom line, there is something seriously wrong with any diocese, bishop, or diocesan staff member that does not respond with alacrity to allegations of child molestation. And the word “corrupt” is not excessive when denominational officials engage in such an egregious breach of trust.

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