Is Your Priest or Bishop a Serial Bully?

One of the givens of change management is that conflict is inevitable in a declining organization. With the Episcopal church now in a state of precipitous decline in almost every aspect of its fortunes, it seems that there is a rapidly increasing level of infighting, bad behavior, bullying, and more within every level of the church. With that… Read More »

Not Near My Cathedral: Bishop John Harvey Taylor Fails The Homeless

Apparently, it’s not just wealthy persons in Los Angeles who don’t want the homeless living in their neighborhood. Following his recent remarks in support of removing a homeless encampment near diocesan headquarters, Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles John Harvey Taylor appears to have a bad case of NNMC, or Not Near My Cathedral. The issue arises from the… Read More »

Confessions of a Gay Priest: Interview with Tom Rastrelli

Earlier today, Anglican Watch had the opportunity to interview Tom Rastrelli, author of “Confessions of a Gay Priest.” The conversation was a searing look at the pain that arises when faith, abuse, and sexuality collide. Tom is in many ways an ideal priest. Intelligent, articulate, compassionate and obviously intrinsically kind, it’s easy to see how, growing up Catholic, Tom followed… Read More »

The Road Not Taken: My Letter to the Editor at Episcopal Cafe

Recently, Amy Haynie, the editor of Episcopal Cafe, promised in a post that if readers provide feedback, they will get a response. That is simply not true, as I have written Amy privately with my concerns about the publication, and have sent both comments and an op-ed to her, only to be met with passive-aggressive silence. So, below… Read More »

Episcopal Cafe Faces Calls to Close over Moderation Issues

Some time ago, I wrote about the possibility that Episcopal Cafe, the independent news and commentary blog that serves the Episcopal church, is dying. The post can be found here. Recent events suggest that may indeed be the case, with some commenters even calling for the platform to close. The recent uproar involved the Daily Sip, a meditative piece by Charles LaFond.… Read More »

Anglican Bishop Discovers Abuse Hotline Doesn’t Work

Imagine you’re a police officer in a small town. Crime’s far from rampant, but most nights you get dispatched on several calls. Depending on the weather or local events, you might have times when you don’t get a lot of calls. Maybe you even go a day or two sometimes with no calls. But if you didn’t get… Read More »