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Justice for Grant: why AW is so focused on this issue?

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Earlier today, we pulled in an excellent suggestion, which was to put all the #JusticeforGrant material on one page. By doing so, we could avoid overtaking our ongoing coverage of issues within the Episcopal Church.

As we look at ways to make that potentially happen, the suggestion also brings up another related point: Why is Anglican Watch so focused on this issue?

The answer is multifold, but here are our reasons:

  1. While we are carefully apolitical due to our belief that the church should welcome all persons, we draw the line at Christian nationalism. Grace Chapel, Grace Christian Academy, and Steve Berger are Christian nationalists and endorse the politics of hate and exclusion. Anglican Watch categorically rejects any religious perspective based on these views. We embrace pluralism. We believe any form of theocracy is unethical.
  2. We believe it is essential for all persons of goodwill to see firsthand the lies, deception, and abuse that support Grace Chapel, Steve Berger, and their ugly rhetoric. Berger may be running around with his “Night of Truth” meetings, but the truth is that he’s a homophobic, misogynistic hater hiding behind his dog whistle of “Anti-Wokeism.” Just like Hitler and the big lie theory, Berger and his allies claim they are following God. They are not.
  3.  We must not assume that the ethical meltdown at Grace Chapel and Grace Christian Academy cannot, or do not, happen in the Episcopal Church. Indeed, far too often, we see abusive situations in all denominations that mirror the blatant lies, narcissism, and corruption we’re seeing in Tennessee. And it can be every bit as difficult to get judicatories within the Episcopal Church to address corruption as it is to hold Steve Berger and his minions accountable. 
  4. Relatedly, while things are improving, accountability in the Episcopal Church remains woefully inadequate. Just look at the fact that George Sumner continues to run around, retaliating against clergy who oppose the sexual harassment of women. And his rabid chihuahua lapdog, David Halt, who is the rector of St. James, Texarkana, continues his efforts to discredit clergy who oppose sexual harassment.
  5. As implicitly stated above, the #justiceforGrant situation serves as a microcosm of what can and does go wrong in the Episcopal Church. 
  6. Anglican Watch takes seriously our obligation to resist injustice and oppression and to be a voice for the voiceless. Indeed, we often get frustrated with modern Christians, who too often won’t say anything, even in the face of horrific misconduct. Or, they wind up endorsing misconduct on the basis that the perpetrator is “a good guy.”
  7. We genuinely like Angie and Gracie Solomon and the representatives of the other media outlets involved in this effort.

We recognize not everyone will want to read the details of our efforts around #justiceforgrant. The details are profoundly ugly, and there are times when it is traumatic for us to cover the story.

At the same time, the Episcopal Church far too often talks in broad generalities. The denomination rejects Christian nationalism but would never dream of actually standing up to the Steve Bergers of the world.

So, we are trying to be the change we wish to see, and we are pushing hard to drag these evildoers and their corruption into the light of day.

We thank our readers for their ongoing engagement and welcome all comments, thoughts, and suggestions.

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