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IMPORTANT: Urgent message to victims of Episcopal priest Richard Losch

Episcopal priest Richard Losch

As many of you know, Episcopal priest Richard Losch is facing felony charges for child sexual abuse dating from the mid-1970’s. Anglican Watch has done an enormous amount of research into Losch, including his various jobs that provided him with access to children. These include stints in education, as a priest, and in Boy Scouts.

In dozens of cases, we find indicia suggesting multiple victims. Even worse, we see hints that, when the dots are connected, people in positions of power knew of Losch’s rape of children and played the pass-the-trash game.

So, we would like to hear from anyone who has information relevant to Losch, including grooming and possible sexual activity. (Losch purportedly liked to push male children to skinny dip in front of him.)

You can send information to Anglican Watch via our online form, and we will protect your identity if you request, but will pass the information on to law enforcement. Or we encourage you to contact law enforcement directly.

We’re also reaching out to the institutions, organizations and people connected to Losch. We welcome any and all leads, and are fiercely determined to hold him accountable.

And for the record, Alabama bishop Glenda Curry and her sock puppet, Rob Morpeth, have known about Losch for more than a year.

How do we know that? We sounded the alarm directly with them.

Even worse, the Diocese of Alabama lied to law enforcement, claiming that Losch was retired (technically true) and did not have access to children (categorically false). Not only did Losch serve two different parishes in retirement, but he lived in close proximity to an elementary school.

So, if Losch hurt you, someone you know, someone you love: Please take action. We will do everything in our power to help you and to hold him accountable.

As for Curry and Morpeth, there is a special place in hell for people who can’t be bothered when children are abused. Same for Todd Ousley, who categorically refused to get involved, and PB Michael Curry, who ignored the known victim despite repeated pleas for help.

And these dolts wonder why the Episcopal Church is dying.

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