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Help find justice for Grant Solomon. Show Grant some love and buy a Justice for Grant t-shirt TODAY!


Are you following the tragic story of the death of Grant Solomon and the abuse of his sister and mother?

If so, there’s now an opportunity to help find Justice for Grant and show Grant some love by buying a #JusticeforGrant t-shirt.

Not only do all proceeds support the investigation of Grant’s death, but you can wear your tee to the beach on Memorial Day and throughout the summer. In fact, it’s perfect all year round.

To get your own t-shirt, visit T-shirts are all cotton, loose/unisex fit, and available in a range of styles — including lettering in pink, Grant’s favorite color.

Anglican Watch already has placed its first order, and we hope to feature candids of Friends of Grant wearing these awesome t-shirts. So when you get yours, please be sure to send your selfies to

Let’s show Grant, his mother and sister a little love and take this fun, positive step to help find Justice for Grant.

Buy your Justice for Grant tee-shirt today!

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