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Ever wonder who Dan McClain’s flying monkey Joseph Dionsyiovich is? We have answers.

Orthodox priest Joseph Gingrich

One of the more rabid commenters here on Anglican Watch, at least until we banned him, was Joseph Dionsyiovich. That begs the question: Did you ever wonder who he is?

Dionsyiovich is a fierce advocate for St. Paul’s Dayton rector Daniel McClain. That in itself is enough to give reasonable people pause, but Dionsyiovich’s support doesn’t end with the truthful.

For example, Dionsyiovich posted this facially fabricated claim:

Joseph Dionsyiovich fabrication
Joseph Dionsyiovich fabrication

How is this facially fabricated?

  1. A Title IV reference panel makes no findings of fact. All it does is decide if to forward a case, and where to forward a case. Thus it could not exonerate anyone.
  2. The Title IV reference panel did not attempt to exonerate anyone, including Daniel McClain.
  3. A full investigation was NOT conducted.
  4. The reference panel dropped the case only after Kate McClain decided not to go forward. Thus, the timing is a fabrication.
  5. The bishop expressly stated that the substance of the matter had not been addressed.

That raises the question: how could one person be so wrong? Our conclusion, as yet unproven, is that Daniel McClain lied to Joseph. But it may also be that Joseph is the liar.

But even more significant is the fact that Joseph appears to be none other than Daniel’s buddy, Joseph Gingrich. Gingrich is orthodox and served at Annunciation Church in Dayton, before being transferred to Anunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Muskegon.

In addition to Gingrich’s lies, there’s a related question: why is he hanging out with Daniel McClain?

Here’s what Gingrich’s church has to say about marriage:

The Orthodox Church believes that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman blessed by Almighty God for the salvation of souls and the continuation of the human family. Over the centuries and throughout most cultures and civilizations the family has been proven to be the unifying unit of society. Today we find the family under attack both from within and from without. Outside forces would have us believe that the family as we have come to know and cherish it is no longer necessary. From within, the erosion of spiritual values and emphasis upon materialism and gross sensuality have created for many families confusion and uncertainty where commitment and dedication once reigned. Marriage is holy. The home is sacred. Birth is a miracle. In these we find the very meaning of life itself.

So McClain is dating another woman while married to his wife, doing his best to avoid paying alimony and child support, and Gingrich hangs out with him? How does that work? And why was Gingrich previously hanging out at St. Paul’s Dayton? How does that comport with Orthodoxy’s claim to be the faithful expression of Christianity?

And why is Gingrich hanging out with a priest who violates court orders?

Apparently Daniel McClain is not the only person with integrity issues.

Hopefully Gingrich will have the integrity to retract his fabrications.

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